Sacramento Car Accident Lawyers

Unfortunately, automobile accidents are part of our everyday lives, whether we are victims or witnesses. They’re parts of our commuter consciousness. As we listen to our traffic reports it is an unspoken acknowledgment of the impending dangers that lurk around the corner.

Sacramento Auto Accident Lawyer

Since 1991, the dedicated legal team at Zappettini & Bradley has represented hundreds of car accident victims throughout California, winning more than $100,000,000 in verdicts and rewards. We have the tenacity, skill, and knowledge to win your case.

We here at the Law Office of Zappettini & Bradley are well-versed in the risks posed every time we get behind the wheel. We too, are drivers, after all. We know too well the imminent threats of injury, sometimes death, which surrounding drivers represent. Some common case types that we see in Sacramento and the surrounding area include:

  • Hit and Run Injuries
  • Rear-end Collisions
  • Passenger Injuries
  • Head-on Collisions
  • Driver Injuries
  • Car versus Motorcycle
  • Car versus Truck
  • Intersection Accidents
  • Highway Collisions

If you or someone you love has gotten into a car accident, call us at (916)457-5022 for legal representation. When you call, you’ll have the opportunity to review the details of your case with someone who is experienced in helping with car accidents. He or she will give you an explanation of your rights, which legal paths may work, and how we could assist you with your car accident case. Case evaluations are completely FREE and get provided with zero obligation to you.

Understanding The Cause of a Car Accident

Permanent injuries and loss of income are often the unwanted consequences that follow a car accident. The lawyers at Zappettini & Bradley want you to see what causes accidents, so you can be better prepared as drivers and help take steps towards preventing future hardship or an accident.

Lots of the following lists are common sense issues, ones experienced drivers often take for granted. But, the end result of taking the cause of these for granted often results in an automobile accident. We just assume we know everything, and by a force of habit, don’t bother to reviewing in our head these all-too-familiar pitfalls of highway navigation. The list that follows (which isn’t by any means exhaustive) is meant for both tenured and novice drivers alike.


Distracted Driving

The top cause of accidents on road now is driving while distracted. Statistically, it’s the number one cause of car accidents today, and between drinking and eating, using a cell phone or turning up the radio – these are all examples of distracted driving that often leads to worse.


People see enough rain they think they can take the road changes for granted. Instead of taking the neccessary precautions – slowing down, braking early, turning your headlights on – since we see rain all the time, we fail at taking one or more preventtive measures.

Drunk Driving

This is the cause of the driving accident that gets the most press, and with good reason. We should always drive defensively  if you encounter anyone that has had more than one.


You or I or someone follows too close, it’s the perfect setup for a car wreck, one that poses a serious consequence. Always keep safe distances between you and the drivers ahead of you.

Street Racing

Here in the greater Sacramento area, everyone is aware of the dangers of racing on the street. The public roadway isn’t a raceway.

Changing Lanes Unsafely

We’re to Laissez-faire in neglecting our turn signals or completely ignoring our blind spot.

Road Rage

It’s easy to lose our cool with all the increased congestion on our roadways. Always keep your cool. Breathe, focus on the task at hand. No retaliating at that driver who messed up and cut you off. They say it all the time “stay the course”

There are lots of other accident contributors, this list is only partial we here at the Law Office of Zappettini & Bradley, pmtacy our experienced, tenacious, results-focused automobile accident attorneys.