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If you’re looking for a Natomas Personal Injury Attorney, it’s safe to say that either yourself or someone you love maybe had an injury from something that happened in Natomas, CA, or you call  Natomas your home and were injured while you were out of town. We are personal injury attorneys with very high ratings in Sacramento county. We can help you with advise or give you a second opinion if you have any questions – since we have represented the injured in Sacramento county for more than 30 years. See why this is the last time you’ll have to google Personal Injury Attorney Natomas and call us today!

Natomas Personal Injury Lawyer

We’re a great choice in your search for a Natomas personal injury lawyer since all we practice is personal injury law. We exclusively help represent any client with almost every type of common injuries. Did you get hurt at the American River, or on a boating accident on Lake Natoma, or were you involved in a workplace accident, or hurt at a retail store give us a call today and we can help you!

Personal Injury Attorney Natomas

A personal injury can strike at any time. If you have been injured, hiring a reputable law firm in Natomas will help you get the compensation you deserve. It’s important to hire an attorney who has experience negotiating with insurance companies, and with getting results you desire. We are experienced with handling cases so tough, other firms turn them down. A serious injury may have a disastrous effect on your health, finances and life – which are just a few of the reasons you need to hire an experienced personal injury attorney as soon as possible. If you delay in getting medical treatment, or hiring a hiring a personal injury attorney, you could be risking your entire case and the compensation you deserve.

Insurance companies are in the business of making money – most often by denying personal injury claims. Their main purpose is to deny, hinder, or limit your claim and award you as little compensation as possible. If you are speaking to them without an attorney, the insurance company has you at a disadvantage, and you have little to no clout. Without a legitimate understanding of personal injury law, you may discover that they have no compulsion to play fair. Most victims of a personal injury do not know the law, nor do they know enough to pursue a personal injury claim on their own. Insurance companies is aware of this, and will manipulate things to avoid giving you the remuneration you deserve. Often, some victims may not even grasp the full value of their potential claim – and settle for less. For example, many of our clients are unaware that they can ask for past and/or future medical bills to be paid for — or even that potential lost wages can be reimbursed as a part of the final settlement/verdict. Our law firm can help inform you of your rights, and discuss what compensation you may be entitled to as a result of your injury. As a part of your case, we conduct a full investigation into the incident in order to discover and obtain necessary evidence that proves your side of the story.

When you hire a law firm like ours to represent you, it becomes far more likely that an insurance company will take your claim – and you – more seriously, because they realize that they are dealing with qualified attorneys who understand personal injury law – and are willing to go to court and fight for you if necessary.

A little bit about Natomas..

Natomas is a community in Northwestern Sacramento, and one of the last communities in the area to be developed. Natomas is home to the Sleep Train Arena, which has been host to the Sacramento Knights, Monarchs and Kings.  he Sacramento Airports also calls Natomas it’s home, and the areas near the airport are popular destinations for entertainment and dining. Living in Natomas has the conveinence of the city, with the slower pace of the suburbs, and is ideal for family living.

Our favorite parts of Natomas

The Sleep Train Arena, formerly known as the ARCO arena opened in 1998, and has been the home of Sacramento Kings of the NBA, and recently hosts events from the WWE, NCAA, and the NHL.  This arena holds the Guiness World Record for the loudest sports roar, reaching 125 decibels on November 15, 2013. There is an instrumental song called “Arco Arena” on the album Comfort Eagle by Sacramento band Cake. The band also released a version of the song with lyrics as a B-Side. The music video for Bell Biv DeVoe‘s “She’s Dope” was filmed at the arena.

The Old Sacramento Historic District is just a quick jaunt from the Natomas neighborhood, and is a delight for the whole family! The unique 28-acre National Historic Landmark District and State Historic Park is located along the beautiful Sacramento River. Bustling with activity, the district is alive with shopping, dining, entertainment, historical attractions and world-renowned museums set within the time of the California Gold Rush and the Transcontinental Railroad.

North Natomas Regional Park offers nearly 48 acres of park space featuring play structures, dog parks, lake recreation, walking and biking trails, picnic areas, athletic fields and even a Farmer’s Market.  This Regional Park has activities for all ages and inclinations, and is located in North Natomas.

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