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Before you allow your child to get behind the wheel of your car, whether it is for practice with their permit or they just obtained their license, the first call that you should make is to your insurance company. In the state of California, anyone who has a license and drives a vehicle is required […]

Aggressive, or reckless drivers can cause accidents that result in significant damage to your vehicle in addition to major injuries. The legal definition of reckless driving is: “…operation of an automobile in a dangerous manner under the circumstances, including speeding (or going too fast for the conditions, even though within the posted speed limit), driving […]

If a negligent driver recently caused you harm in an intersection accident, there is a good chance that they were making a left hand turn. Our team of Sacramento car accident attorneys can help you in recovering the damages that you have incurred as a result of being involved in a left turn accident. Busy […]

Thousands of Californians are involved in car accidents each year because someone runs a stop sign. Stop sign violations can become serious when a person is injured or killed. In the United States, millions of people walk, ride, bike, or drive through intersections with stop signs every single day. Every year, there are nearly 70,000 […]

There is still a possibility of injuries to the legs, head and internal organs, even with side-impact airbags. Many people often assume that a side-swipe accident only results in minor injuries and damages. But the fact is, most sideswipe accidents lead to the opposite results. Many drivers often lose control of their vehicle in this […]

The most common causes of construction zone accidents are speeding, drunk driving, inattention, and distracted driving. Although the flow of traffic is constricted, and typically slower in construction zones, they are still a hotspot for vehicle accidents. Highway 5 (I-5) through Sacramento is a frequent construction zone. With heavy equipment, signage and debris blocking the […]

For front-seat passengers, seat belts reduce the risk of serious injury by 50% and the risk of death by 45%. The US Constitution provides American citizens with the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. “Liberty” means that people are supposed to be free to make decisions for themselves. So how is it […]

If you have been involved in a multi vehicle accident in Sacramento, CA, it is important to understand what you should do to protect your legal rights. Call (916) 457-5022 to speak to an accident attorney. In some instances it is fairly easy to discern who is at fault when a car accident occurs. However, […]

Over half of all vehicle accidents occur within five miles of the victim’s home. When most people think of where car accidents occur, they probably picture a major highway with speeding speeding vehicles, or stop light intersections. In reality, however, the facts show differently. A 2005 study determined that 25% of all vehicle accidents occured […]

If you have been involved in a car accident, contact Law Offices of Zappettini and Bradley. For more than 25 years we have been helping car accident victims in Northern California. It seems reasonable that if you are involved in a car accident you should first contact your insurance company. You may believe they have […]